$XRP.X #Xrp is relisted on CoinGate for its non-US users!

Non-US users can now buy and pay invoices with XRP, while merchants can accept payments in XRP.

Read more in our blog post:

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$XRP.X Seems important: #Ripple has docs from exchanges/ hedge funds that met with the SEC, made their case #Xrp was not a security, felt comfortable using #Xrp and were not told otherwise by the SEC. Expected, but cool to see doc's are in hand.

$XRP.X XRP will explode this Year, the SEC will promote growth. It will be worth more than $3 as early as May.
I won't tell you the year-end price, those are scary numbers.
#Xrp #Ripple

#Ripple $XRP.X later this month, if there is a pullback to retest the broken neckline (0.8$ - 0.7$) that will be the last chance to fill the bags below 1$ before the Super cycle takes place.
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Coin Mentions Spiked in Reddit for $XRP.X
24HR Price Change: 41.600%
Price: $0.869
Signal: Short-Term #Neutral
πŸ’Ή #Ripple

$XRP.X Someone in Japan just bought 11,500,000 yes 11.5 Million $XRP #Ripple 5 minutes ago!

$XRP.X TRENDING ON TWITTER #Ripple πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

#Ripple $XRP.X Getting a closer to a break above the neckline of an Inverted Head &; Shoulder started since November 2020 which will lead the coin initially toward $1 - $1.3 area.
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#HODL #bitcoin $BTC.X

$XRP.X only blockchain that can attach to a countries digital ledger. SEC will settle with #Ripple being the USD ledger in crypto and they have nothing to lose and only to gain when it is adopted.

#sentiment in Twitter for $XRP.X changed by +0.404 from yesterday
24HR Price Change: 5.500%
Price: $0.620
Signal: Long-Term #bullish πŸ‚
πŸ€‘ #Ripple

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