$PTE #NYCcrew crypto pumping HARD. Hope you ladies got some of that $ETH.X when I told you about it. Look for 10k by 4th of july. Easy. Basic. $MATIC.X $BCH.X $XTZ.X

$LTC.X This thing is ready to explode. Never does much but I can tell it is going for a good run here soon. Get ready, get on, and thank me later. #NYCcrew crypto GAINZ. $ETH.X $BTC.X $DOGE.X $XRP.X

$PTE Some of you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams in the very near future. Trust the process, trust the crew. You're welcome. #NYCcrew $BTC.X $VET.X $BNB.X

$PTE STATUS UPDATE : #NYCcrew just had a great night out on the town. Poppin' bottles with some big time players. Our associate Hunter took us to a underground strip joint and introduced us to a man from Chinatown who claims to run an underground Russian roulette game. More details to come.

Easy lay-up for you guys until the crew gets this thing to fly. Bears are strong right now on PTE. We are fighting them off slowly. New bear weapons will be added soon. Grab yourselves some $ETH.X $BTC.X $ANKR.X Easy 20% GAINZ by Monday. You all have been warned. Stay bles

@cheesedonkey@SiouxsieSioux@Bagholder4now smart move. #NYCcrew got most of ours out then. We started a doge breeding set up. Orders through the roof. Still holding a few thousand coins in case of the moon shot. Been killing crypto. Bought tons more $BTC.X at 53k with our boys EM and MS. Heading to yankee stadium now

$PTE Now you guys think that going bearish is going to save this thing. Told you guys to come with me and the #NYCcrew to get those crypto GAINZ for weeks now. What are you guys waiting for? What's the excuse now? This market sucks, our president is a joke, wake up and read the writing on the wall. Small cap stocks are dead right now, just not the right time. Put your dick away and get in the game!!!!!! Gonna be a HUGE week for crypto and just a month for GAINZ all around. come get some $BTC.X $ETH.X $ANKR.X $XRP.X

$PTE #NYCcrew feels bad for all of the bag holders still here. Hit me up for a special Louis V bag for all of you guys. Donated via JT and the boys from the NYC crew. Come get some crypto money with the gang while you wait for this turd to float.$XRP.X $BTC.X $ANKR.X $ADA.X

$ANKR.X is about to make a huge jump. Look for .20 once coinbase IPO drops. Wouldn't be surprised if we hit .25 by the end of the month. Once the big players ($BTC.X $XRP.X $ETH.X $BNB.X ) make a run, ANKR will go HARD. My main man JT and the #NYCcrew are about to make the crypto market go WILD!!!! BULLS GONE WILD!!!!!!!

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