$STKXF $SKP.CA StrikePoint Gold Nov 17 view. Although very volatile, this stock is counting clean. Is there more in store after a 2100% rally? Elliottwave view and more @ https://elliottwave-forecast.com/stock-market/strikepoint-gold-stkxf-skp-ca-correcting-march-cycle/ $GDX $GDXJ $SLV $SIL #Elliottwave #trading #stocks #silver #gold

$cwh Jan 13/2021 view. Camping World Holdings &; the power of the blue box! Elliottwave view and where this stock is headed @ https://elliottwave-forecast.com/stock-market/camping-world-holdings-cwh-power-blue-box/ #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

In The Group 3 live analysis session today, we discussed $GOOGL $AAPL $FB $MSFT $AMZN all being sideways instruments right now. Tech can see further weakness before moving higher. We don't like trading the middle/sideways. #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

$AMD Managed to reach another blue box area last week from where buyers were expected to appear #Elliottwave #trading

$AMD 1 hour view from yesterday Midday update. Showing reaction higher taking place from blue box area. Longs should be risk free already #Elliottwave #ondaselliott #amd

$AMD 1H view presented to members Dec 14 @ www.elliottwave-forecast.com. Buyers have entered into the market in the extreme area, pushing the prices higher. Members who got long in the box got risk free for higher prices. #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

$nflx has been sideways since July peak, we do not like to trade the sideways instruments. in the short term, further extension lower is favorable. We prefer to look for extreme areas where buyers can enter the market. Here's the idea shown to members mid day. #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

$BABA Daily view presented to members Dec 20 @ www.elliottwave-forecast.com. $BABA expected to break down toward the equal leg blue box area, where buyers are waiting to enter the market. #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

$BABA 4H view presented to members Dec 30 @ www.elliottwave-forecast.com. $BABA reached the blue box extreme, where buyers can enter for a bounce, and has produced a reaction with high momentum. Get trades like this with a FREE 14 day trial! #Elliottwave #trading #stocks

$AMD 1 hour view from 12/14 Midday update. Showing reaction higher taking place from blue box area. Allowed longs to get into a risk free position #Elliottwave #trading

$AMD 4hr chart from 12/03 update calling for further upside to take place #Elliottwave #trading

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