Wow@trustfundterry we couldn't agree more and couldn't have set it any better!


😤Ya boi can SMELLLL THE TENDIIIIEEESSS!!!@TradesTrey #AMC #APES #stocks

RT@joedanmusic1212: 😤Ya boi can SMELLLL THE TENDIIIIEEESSS!!!@TradesTrey #AMC #APES #stocks

$WISH reasons why i think this will reach easy $30 by end June 2021. I hold currently 9k shares and will continue to add where appropriate. If you like and believe this is it, feel free to copy and paste and share widely in other forums.

1. We are still in the pandemic and eCommerce stocks are a no-brainer. And Wish seems to be the most value for money stock asset.

2. Team WSB is already on this and TBH, i see more upside than downside in the coming weeks. #GME #AMC #wsb

3. This is trading at a huge discount versus the previous high of approx 29.

$WISH stop wasting your time with these pump and dumps. it’s just a ploy to distract you from AMC. $AMC is the real deal! Join us over there! #AMC to the #moon 🚀🚀

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