$CMPS $wmt $NKE $ATIF $ATOS :) Another incredible week with the TEAM Trading group! Thanks to them, I’m up 269% (76k) since joining them in October! To join them, use the 🔗 in my bio. ❤️😍🙏✅

Why I'd Love to See a Chamath Palihapitiya SPAC Take Instacart Public@themotleyfool #stocks $UBER $wmt $TGT $FBhttps://t.co/iQnEwGoXNN

$CLOV A smart investor would hold this into earnings. They made deals with $CVS $WBA and $wmt

$wmt $M $UVXY $SPY went short $KSS yesterday in two tranches at $44.51 and $45.25. Covered at the open today at $44.19. Talked about in the Trading room. You can trade with me folks!

$KO $KDP $wmt $UVXY bought dip in $PEP yesterday $140.88 and sold the rip today for another quick profit at $142.28. You can see the trade alert in my ST feed. Nicely done Finom Group traders!

$PLUG essentially sold $AMZN and $wmt its products for FREE as they are sitting on $3 billion now in warrants 😂

Is it a surprise they’re inking deals? Who wouldn’t sign a deal with this company with this stupid base of shareholders

It will be ROFL when $AMZN and $wmt pull the plug on $PLUG.

They’re sitting on 40.7 million warrants at less than $2.12/share. That’s almost $3 billion in pure profit.

As a shareholder in $wmt I’ll take my money now, please.

$FUBO Going Vertical!! Taking Greenfield to the woodshed!
$SNDL Last call for the dip buys.
$LEAP Parent company taking fintech to $wmt . Worth taking a shot on goal.
$CCIV Be careful on this one. Presentation started with "We will not be discussing Bloomberg rumors..."

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