$wkhs Too bad I hate soccer. I didn’t even know Cincy had a pro team thought it was only In Columbus lol

$wkhs Know what you own, mark this post, blah blah blah Cathie, Biden USPS blah blah. $650,000 in revenue last quarter = 10-12 vehicles sold!!! LOL

$wkhs Unusual option trade for WKHS.
Date:5/14/2021 Type CALL, strike $15.00 volume 5,750 avg price paid .34 each $200k ish value.

$wkhs don’t worry!! Cathy bought some. Lolololol. Suckers

$wkhs do not buy ride/wkhs until combined share price is below 20 more lawsuits than vehicles right now.

$wkhs yall still believe so yeah why i still own but havent seen good news in a while tnx

$wkhs Fluid Truck share ? Fedex renting for the driver. Didnt realize fluid has an office in Dallas area.

$wkhs institutional ownership up 1.6% from 38.9% to 40.5%

$wkhs drop down below $3 and then announce partnership with tesla!


Guys, have you look at your watchlists?
All red?
All green?
More one than the other?

Where is the money moving too?

I am starting to see a pattern!!

@BigDreams2020 Boy I hope you are right, can';t afford to lose any more of this shittt $wkhs $RIDE

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