@coach_mike_franks I like the $CCIV and $ABML but you sold the $wkhs?

$CLF Man I'm looking forward to that Goldman Sachs upgrade next on Cliffs lol.. $30 will be here sooner than later

$wkhs $GME $CCIV $geo

$CCIV it makes me upset that half of the bulls are here for the gambling merger and the quick money only the other half are long term investors ....same pattern as $wkhs with the fucking USPS Deal where every good news is fucked up in the stock priece because of the gamblers waiting for the deal

$wkhs $CCIV $TSNP waiting for Tuesday to get here is painful at this point šŸ˜¢

$wkhs Do I put this extra 6k into WKHS options after being burned by 10/16 and 1/15s, or do I go into $CCIV and more $RIDE shares... hmmm.

$wkhs $CCIV

Ultimate DD happening with Cciv

Stalking executives - tracking flights due to speculation that the deal is being signed today!!

Come on workhorse bulls - you can do better!

The week of my life will be when Lucid drops the LOI with $CCIV and $wkhs gets 75% of the USPS contract

@Optiontocash by the time $wkhs gets the contract and $SPCE VG flies successfully i will be moving permanently back to CR with my new remote marketing job and enough of a wad to secure a working retirement 10 years early!! (around end of Q1)

$wkhs 4 month with the horse (3 times buying-selling). . our time is here! USPS! C-DAY! on JAN-FEB. My winners: $wkhs, $THCB, $CCIV , $TANH , $NNDM , DOUBLE YOUR PF WITH THIS BABIES. GLTA


$APWC ...Massively miss priced. Add to that demand will explode for copper in the rush to go green. Green means electric, and anything electric needs copper wire (think EV's) $TSLA $KNDI $wkhs $CCIV

$DOT.X TSLA $wkhs $HYLN $NIO Download the Pi crypto app for free, costs nothing and may be worth something this year, this is not a scam and you can Google it and find out for yourself....use CallumConnolly2021 as the activation code. Just think how crazy the value off bitcoin is now.....this is a no brainer. Dont forget (CallumConnolly2021) as the invitation code use capital letters for both C's its not scam search it up if you want to check if its real

@WhensTheAnnouncement@Nzrunner yep.. also look at getting into $BWA to play that along with $RMO and $wkhs... weird option activity in $BWA on Friday suggests something is happening relative to an EV maker...

$MOON $ZOM $ZM $wkhs $AYTU - Another incredible week with the TEAM Trading group! Thanks to them, Iā€™m up over 269% (76k) since joining them in October! To join, use the šŸ”— in my bio. šŸ˜ā¤ļøāœ…

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