$SNPR Volta July 16 calls for 0.10 CHEAP premium for the stock to move .04 cents. Buy a call and buy a few shares. $CLOV $wkhs $WISH $BBIG. Can easily be a ten bagger. Shareholder vote right around the corner. Not financial advice

$BUSXF looks like we’ve got a multi day runner here in the lead up to NASDAQ listing on Wednesday - don’t miss out easy 100% $TSLA $NIO $CCIV $wkhs

$wkhs everyone just buy 100 shares and let’s screw these bears over $TSLA $NIO

$TRCH free money!!! Free dividends!! Just buy before 22nd June!!

$NKLA $NIO $wkhs $HTBX

$NIO $XPEV $RIOT $wkhs holding up pretty good under the strain of past couple of days... 🤘

$XL the shorts asked if i bought $NIO cheap yes matter fact i did just like $wkhs just like $XL just now and im still buying. Theres your proof shorties you asked.

$THCB@TxExplorer anyone else see that cup and handle on the 180 day 4 hr on warrants? $wkhs $LEV $TSLA $NIO
So gas🔥

$wkhs The markets are getting killed today... but WKHS and $ROKU have me up a little bit on the day. Ain't diversification great?

$XL is being added to the russell im loading now heavy. $wkhs $TSLA $LI $NIO you know what happens when an ev is added to the russell wkhs is a great example it causes auto buying. Everyone of these ev companies has their own success story. Xl is at less than $8 its our oppurtunity to buy a wkhs, tsla, nio, or li last year . How many nio would you buy at $3 if you had a crystal ball or tsla at $20?

$WISH $NIO $wkhs $CLNE

why people fight to the death in refusal to wore mask is beyond any human understanding.

Same as why dick head in the pre pandemic Survived and become a bigger dick head in the post pandemic 😁😁😁

RT@ml_stock: Jun 29:
Long resistance:
$wkhs Over 18.61
$NIO Over 49.5
$TSLA Over 696
$PTON Over 127
$TWTR Over 69

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