$srne PR READY TO DROP SHORTLY 😆🤗🤑☝🤘😎🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

SRNE “U clear for dissent “
continue to $9

I’m happy if $srne gets to $14 I’ll make a little over $4k on my 2052 shares-

$srne Part of my morning reading referencing Gilead. Reinforced what i already knew which is I'm likely going to be in it for years not days or weeks. https://www.griproom.com/fun/why-your-stock-is-always-red

The data was already released. Which is why I stated to be transparent. The company is super undervalued for its potential. Last year undisclosed buyers wanted to acquire the company but $srne did not agree on the pricing. So yes I do agree with you.

$srne Hey I got an idea! Maybe it's Climate Change that keeping $srne down?

$srne GOOD afternoon my friends buying more for my long position here. TARGET price 22 to 25 dollars this is one stock i believe will hit those targets and another stock OCGN with a possible phase 3 trails vaccine news coming out very soon target price 35 to 40 dollars . everyone have a good afternoon and a blessed evening

$srne BUY AND HOLD 🤑✊😎💪☝🤘🚀🚀🚀

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