$CCIV pumpers turned you to bag holders take your money to $sbe

@MBAHarvard I was personally yelling at the fences for peeps to jump into PLTR when it was below$2o and honestly gave a play by play when I thought to jump in and out of it for swings to make back LLNW losses. Still a good long term play might want to wait for a pull back with lots bashing from larger institutions who have been wrong so far. I am also watching $sbe and $APXT for break outs. Lastly, I am day trading $srne. $PLUG has been awesome this year so far too. All and all I post most of my trades or ideas on ST not all of them, but at least enough to give peeps id

$GIK working with $PLUG to test and build EV for amazon. GIK also build charging stations like $sbe . Should rocket like $NGA who just completed there amazon deal.


$GEVO my retirement plan is here. Planning to hold them for at least 5 years. $CCIV $sbe $ACTC $IPOE

$GMPW - New SPAC being announced tomorrow



$ACTC $sbe $CCIV They want cheap shares here don’t let them fool you. 🤣

$VGAC buy buy buy !!!
it is going to be huge ! PT $30 within 50 days
$CCIV $SPCE $sbe
spac by Richard Branson

RT@stocktalkweekly: My #ev exposures

Consumer: $TSLA $NIO $CCIV
Transit &; Fleets: $CIIC $NGA $RIDE $XL
Charging: $sbe $NBAC $POLA

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