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Lessons learned:

$FUBO glad to see all the new members of the cult . $DKNG $penn we coming for you !!!

$penn@Strong_Hands4K@MoneylovesME33@Lemon22@BradPitts@FindFundFlip@Bigdog00@Richjerry@Investing4Knowledge@Chieftess@biggbull@elit3333@AnotherDreamer@Jptrader3@JackZeppelin@feeney234 @Alaska_Trader@ProfitablePiggg@WolfofSPACStreet@Ryno110913@parlormaid @stockscalper11

$ERJ $QS $STPK $CCIV Upside Traders

$ENG “Is it too late to buy in?” - some guy when $PLUG was at 6. Or even when $penn was at $10..

This is one of those opportunities for continued parabolic growth. Know what you own.

RT@stocksswing: $IWM two largest holdings $PLUG and $penn making up 0.92% and 0.62%. Charts look like they want to get to the sky🚨 $SPY $Q…

$AMBA $TSM $GHIV $RIDE $penn Jan 11 dark pool unusual option orders.
AMBA option flow is bullish. 5 day average 92% notional on call and 8% on puts
TSM flow is bullish 89%calls 11%puts 5 day avg
GHIV bullish 95% calls 5% puts 30day average is also high
RIDE 92% calls 8% puts 5 day avg
PENN 73% calls 27% puts 5 day avg

Weekly Watchlist
$sunw $penn $PLTR $CRWD
Overall market is starting off the week red, watch your sizing and manage risk. Stay Green Team!

bitcoin is tanking. Guess where that money is gon go... $penn $GNOG $DKNG $RSI

$FUBO ICYMI: I'm proposing legislation to authorize mobile sports wagering in NYS.

Online sports betting is a rapidly evolving market and allowing it in New York will keep revenue here at home that can help us rebuild post-COVID.
$DKNG $penn $DMYD

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