@spacebatMcbatterson I'm not looking for a huge jump in share price as you say, though $npa / $ASTS got a nice bump today now that they've completed their merger.

$SRAC needs to close the deal, and frankly needing an extension on something like this would be a fireable offense for anyone else given how much money is on the line. These SPACs are not supposed to be fucking gofundme campaigns for wallstreet fund managers.

A quick glance shows CEO Brian Kabot has burnt through $3.7 million in investor money on general expenses (likely including salaries). He&#

$npa just finished reading the Reddit article about an interview with Abel. A few highlights: non dilutive funding from teleco partners; regulatory approvals from countries; subscribers through contracts with teleco parterners; US pricing likely to be $25/yr, which is really minimal for the ability to use your phone everywhere; teleco companies are fighting to be the first provider with coverage everywhere on the globe; ASTS will also push for marketing as soon as merger completes... seems like a drum beat of good news are coming out way

$npa little starter position initiated at 11.20. I do believe this may go down some more. The risk is worth the potential big reward. I’ll buy the dips from here on out.

$SPCE the whole space sector crap with the markets running ... hope we get some successful launches this month with some good catalyst all around. $npa $VACQ $SRAC


When is ARK going to start buying real.spaxe stocks!!!??!?!

$npa Hope Abel will announce blue walker 3 launch date during this weeks press coverage, would likely lead to a nice bump if more certainty surrounded this

$SRAC $npa $VACQ $HOL just your weekly reminder that all of these have less than 12k watching. SPCE can barely reach orbit/have successful test, and has over 100k watchers and swings 25-35 a share. stupid easy money here...just because things dont happen in the timeline you think they should doesnt mean it aint happenin

$npa short intrest is high. this will make a nice pop when we get some volume on ticker change...

$npa The ceo put +7m of his own money... rakuten Samsung Att Vodafone American tower all put millions.

And you are here worrying about your shares...

So sad, so sad.......



Grow some balls, have conviction on what you own...........pUssYcat

$npa been struggling for a while. Will flip on a dime if we get added to ArkX after merger though... the risk reward is good on this one.

$npa Wait until the Market goes heavy RED and watch this thing Tank.

$npa Market is cranking and this continues struggle - Red will be in the cards and moving to $10 unfortunately.

$NNOX I just bought this at 57 for the first time. Am i crazy ? Was trying to get in pre market at 4am but it didn’t work. Seems like this will be game changing. Need to get through a few more hurdles. Between this and $npa will be helping to change the world for the better. Plus $BFLY

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