Pi coin, new cryptocurrency still in development. Search app “pi network”, download app and start mining. You can mine on phone and accumulate some till it gets to market at the end of year. It is an invite only community. For the invite code, use “akgirase”. Happy mining! Good luck all. Cheers!yes wirif

Retirement acc update as of market close this afternoon. New positions include FB, PLTR, AMD, XLC (for a trade), and PRNT... really looking to get some ARKG exposure here soon but can't get myself to pull the trig. Trimmed profits on SMH and IWM...and sold last of FDN at 100% from March 2020 -> those funds to be used for more CLOU ARKW on pullbacks

Core holdings include: $CLOU $ARKW $AAPL $nflx $KWEB

$nflx This has been consolidating for many months and patience wins. Been long for years. Now it's $AAPL and $AMZN
They both have been consolidating for many months... All good...

$nflx $LAC $OBLN why do the bulltards get so nasty when they see a realistic bear? Shit needs to consolidate. What’s the problem when bears make some coin catching that moment?

Well... that was fun $nflx. Great day! Up 1,000% on calls 🔥🔥🔥

Just posted a new YouTube Video 2 STOCKS THAT WILL DOUBLE


Today I will discuss two stocks that I think will double in the near future

$NIO $nflx $PTON

$nflx Where are the new buyers now? That quick run up was 70K call options being sold at $60. Market makers had to buy stock to protect themselves. But who is buying now? This is a $300 BN company, it takes a lot to move the stock a few dollars now.

$SQQQ stay home, stay safe and keep watching $nflx and market keeps going up. Win-Win. 😜😜😜

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