Here is the new 12-month forecast for Luckin Coffee Inc($lkncy)

$lkncy This is the most pathetic FOMO rally I have ever seen. What a POS

$lkncy I have a challenge for bears, name on negative catalyst since delisting. If you say chapter 15, WRONG! That was actually a positive as it allowed the Cayman Courts to rule on the case.

I cannot think of one single shred of bad news, but I know lots of good news is just around the corner. This stock is still a tremendous bargain. The risk has all but been eliminated.

$lkncy what a week bulls! Congrats all!

$lkncy Looking like Everybody wants some shares now. Come and get some! We are heading into an extra long weekend. Hold and prosper.

$lkncy I’d personally like to wish all short here a horrifying, uncomfortable, irritable and non-relaxed weekend🖕WAY UP THERE…bitches

$lkncy most people still cannot buy this? they have not heard about this gem?

$lkncy Remember when@Eurg said this would go to $2...? 😂😂 🤡

$lkncy Imagine if they released something before the bell tuesday 🤩
Opening at $16-$17🤔😃

$lkncy visiting some bdsm tonight because of the winning lately. All this money not good for my health

$lkncy if you ask me, this is a life time opportunity. There is no other company like Luckin with such a discounted share price with a real demand. Thanks to Lu who created this opportunity for us. I believe in portfolio diversification, however I sold most of my position and I bought LK. This will pay 💰 off big time.

$lkncy Common. We are not selling. Move on next level.

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