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more insiders buying that’s 4 insiders that have now bought in the last 5 trading days!
post merger.
Ceo said nearing a deal with big pharma upfront and royalties for their clinics research organodes
Phase 1 trials for themselves are nearing fda clearance to start

$ltc trending with $ZIP and $link also $BAND

$SOL.X $DOT.X $link was expecting way worse this morning. People saying bull run over is laughable, typical musk playing the market so he can buy more Bitcoin cheaper. My $FIL.X took the worst of it yesterday in the portfolio 🤕 it’ll bounce back next few days

RT@Billion36860209: #BTC #bitcoin DO NOT even think about going long for at least a year or more

$ETH $link $ltc $BCH $ADA $DOGE $TRX $…

RT@XVGhulk: #CHAiNLiNK $link #bitcoin


Chainlink Holders: 529,932


Chainlink Holders: 530,389


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