@SheDrills@Call_Me_Put ive only been trading for a year but $UCO and $USO made me good money cause i jumped in the bottom but $gush killed me. What a piece of Crap. I researched what Gush was betting on and bet directly, made ALOT of money since. $CPE

$gush So it was inside day I would be nervous here for bulls

$gush at the moment TDA has this at $95.67 .50 less

Trade Ideas $gush (delayed) JUL16 110C #Swing - still actionable

$gush EIA report out. 4.6 forecast, 6.7 actual. Another nice number. I heard that some gas stations will be out of gas for the 4th.

$gush we will wait for another day for OPEC+ meeting.

$gush EIA 6.3 million Barrels imported, I wonder from where, if those were not imported draw would be -13 million Barrels

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