$T AT&;T is surely on track to $40s! Last Chance At 7% Dividend Yield.
AT&;T now has a 7% dividend yield which historically has been the peak yield in other recent downturns.
Even in the worst-case scenario, the wireless giant is to generate at around $25 billion in 2021. $vz $CMCSK $dis
HBO Max has nearly 40 million US subscribers, AT&;T disclosed in its first quarter earnings report on Wednesday. Combined with traditional HBO subscribers, the platform has surpassed a 41 million subscriber milestone the company says it didn’t expect to hit for two more yea

$AAPL $TSLA $dis pelosi has leeps on all three of these tickets. Don’t be a lame and sell


$dis may buy AMC

disney has a lot
of AMC on there property’s.

Finished the day with 5 Wins and 1 Loss:

$TSLA - 830 calls at $1.73 went to $2.57 - Win

$SPY - 386 puts at .96 went to $1.46 - Win

$SPY - 391 calls at .93 went to $1.08 - Win

$SPY - 391 calls at .71 went to $1.60 - Win 100%+

$BABA - 267.50 calls at .75 went to $1.12 - Win

$dis - 190 calls at .73 - .15 - Loss

Small wins on this choppy day. Got burned chasing DIS news.

@s66666@refreshingsoda Logical assumption is shorts covering. But it could be people buying in for the potential of a short squeeze. It's actually trading at a 40% premium to $T and $cmcsa but 8x discount to $dis - with debt considered.

$JAKK probably your last time to load a full position in the single digits. Yes the company poorly performed in past, but MANY things changed and are currently overlooked &; ridiculously undervalued. 1st PT is $30 💸 EZ 🔜🎯 $dis $GME

$dis it’s crazy, I use to watch Netflix so much early on in the pandemic. Now I never use Netflix, and only watch shows on Disney + (and HBO MAX). I feel like many people are on the same boat. Disney is a long term winner and I will never sell. I can see this hitting over 250$ in the next year, followed by a stock split. A lot of money to be made here

$dis Level 2 doesn’t lie this stock was in freefall panic mode at -4.00,Disney went into emergency panic mode and probably had to unleash a ton of cash to artificially buoy up the price to stabilize it,Long term institutional share holders were definitely up In arms over Disney execs habitual bad decisions, then Disney had to pay all the hack job financial ratings pundits to stamp a shiny buy rating on top.Disney lost money today and tons of it

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