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Getting very close now to the big day!! Fantastic opportunity to get into this company while its still a very decent price. Big opportunity! Exciting times! $FCEL $bidu

RT@_mm85: Friend from Wall Street Hedge Fund just send me this inside video of their meeting right now👇🏽



ARK SELLS 10th May 🚨

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$JD Got back in Friday. Now just wait for the easy money train

$bidu $BABA $CHWY


I couldn't believe this well-established tech company got hit hard, $bidu is one of top mega-caps in China, Chinese "Google", and it's also in AI/EV business, should be very promising.

What's wrong? Why $bidu joined its twin brother $BABA... but $PDD and $JD is doing better.

ER is within 2 weeks, $bidu may slap your face!

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