$PLTR $bidu $TSLA bears with PE disease are mad 😂 Bring at least better analysis instead of yelling with the method that does not work any more.

RT@BeastModeTrades: Good Morning!
Enjoy this full watchlist today.
Top List includes $AMD $GME $SHOP
$bidu Also keep on radar above 252.50…

$AAPL $FB are going on fire but also if you want a short term swing $bidu

15 fractional share buys for today:


Current ROI: +46.73%


$GM $MSFT $F $bidu $VLDR

Although, it was an old news.
2020 Automated Driving Leaderboard
Leaders : GM Cruise, Ford Argo, and Baidu Apolo are all VLDR's partners.


$BABA Ok Asia, show us what you got, we have some Bears who still need to get out

$JD $bidu $AAPL $SPY

$BABA &; Im seeing a ton of very weak press coming out trying to find something to bash $BABA &; Chinese stocks, that should tell you Longs are hurting the Big Boys whoa re short, they have nothing left to use &; are feeling the squeeze starting, great Tell!


Looks like $BABA &; Ma are staying quiet while making moves, Hermes is a Big deal!
Ang-Group coming soon

See if w/ the Algos off we can break $253 AH

$JD $bidu

$VTGN it's about to Happen Guys! Perfect Timing, Let's Pump this! I'm holding $srne, $bidu and $RVP and it all happened as anticipated! Checkout the Chart!~

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