$ZOM For those people posting concerns (who aren't bashers/shorters preying on weak hands)- please look at wider market and retail-crowded stocks- all pummelled. Not fundamentals driven UNLESS every fucking retail-crowded stock suddenly had a negative fundamental catalyst. eg SENS/ CTRM/AVGR/ GSAT/- does not matter what sector, all fucking hammered. Just got to hold through and wait for manipulation to ease up. Meantime... consider getting your own back at shorts/fucking funds:
$ATNF - I know it's trending but check it and you'll see why its not a pump/dump- s

$ZOM $APXT $GNOG $NNDM $FCEL Done with Chris Sain's "expert recommendations" tired of getting scammed by blindly following that dudes terrible DD. He gives me nothing but red as I follow directions to a T. Don't fall for the bag holder tactics by these youtubers. From now on putting all my money in real stocks and crypto I believe in, instead of trying to penny flip. Does anything Chris Sain says come true?

$ZOM $ATNF $RGBP doing you guys a favor.... $MDCN REIT gonna get hot hot. Hot hot hot hot.

$RGBP 🔥💀🔥This is the next $ZOM call for me! 🔥💀🔥

I bought Zom @ .12 and sold at $1.5, on the fall back from $2..

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$ZOM $TRCH $HITIF $OCGN $VET.X best we can do today is stop looking at this! Will do something else! Its the crypto market, its the stock market, everyone and everything are taking a massive dump, so why bother! I know what I own! See you later boyz and girlz!

$GNUS $SOS $ZOM you know shit fucked up when $DOGE.X been my safest bet the past two months 😅

$IDEX $ZOM $MARK $SOS The market is now split to two markets, the big cap market and the mini/micro cap market and both markets are trending differently. And although currently the big cap market is at ATH, the mini/micro cap market ia on continuous decline. The mini/micro cap market has seen a huge surge in the previous couple of years as more platforms was available to average joe and average jane (most of us here) to invest in stock market. And most of us chose the risky mini/micro cap companies as it's stock price is more suitable to our budget and had hi

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$CTRM $SOS $ZOM $AMC *americans* Heyy let’s invest in a company together
*corporate America* no you guys can’t invest together (crashes market) .. sounds like a bad joke right ? But really it’s what really happened and is happening .

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$DOGE.X $ZOM ever Rips again I’ll have a 100% $DOGE.X portfolio. Rest of the market blows

Take a look at the market people. This has been the same all year long. We knew this was coming with the stolen election. I really don't believe anyone is surprised. There are however, some people stupid enough to think it's only "their stock." Silly kids!
$ZOM $AAPL $wkhs $RKT

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