$XPEV Todays buys average up and downs

Xpeng, LI, $CIDM , Romeo, $THCB $TTCF EASY buy on Tattoed Chef. XL fleet, Workhorse.

Pretty much EV sector, this will boom next 5 -10 years and can be a 10x stock on each.

This is just infant days of electrification, but it has started!

TODAY is a great day to buy. Hope the market drops more.

RT@credocapital_: Another big earnings week!

What are you watching?


$PLTR massive buying opportunity over at $XPEV get in now!!!!! 🤠


Some of the stocks I bought on sale last week.

$XPEV $SPCE $PLTR i would be curious to see the actual short interest updated.


Some of the stocks I bought on sale last week.
...”Buy when it hurts”


Some of the stocks I bought on sale lat week.
...”Buy when it hurts”

RT@skaushi: Buy EV Names on Weakness Given $5 Trillion Market Opportunity - Wedbush

$LI $NIO $XPEV NEW ARTICLE : Why NIO, XPeng, and Li Auto Stocks Are Down Today https://t.co/TqrZbDAZHm Get all the… https://t.co/8fUPG7AROq

@RackEmUpLLC@DCDOWORK You've only lost it if you sell. Stocks recover. Especially EVs. EV is the future. $NIO $TSLA $XPEV $LI $IDEX

$EBIX green close here! $CCIV make your money back! $NIO $TSLA $XPEV forward PE of 7 lol

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