$WISH Shorts know this is their last chance (days shorting wish), they try to make as much profit as they can by scaring people selling their shares (Panic Sell), they have to stop shorting in couple days. earnings is May 12, we have a pre run ( 15-20%), and min good thing that will come out of earnings is beating Revenue . which will boost it at least 20-25% in 2-4 days, now imagine beating EPS (will go 30$ in a week).

$WISH when I look at short's posting here, just can't stop laughing , totally desperate, penny profit and low class. only word they use is POS. Well guess what I am long on this POG (piece of Gold) .

$WISH don’t feel bad , imagine there are people buying doge , gme and amc. At the end everything will reach it truly value.

$WISH this is some bullshit... buying more bitchez.

$WISH a big middle finger to you short pussies out there. I’m not selling you little bitches, buying more every day. 6400 shares strong. 🖕

$WISH We need Wallstreetbets on this. I've never seen more cocky shorts. The squeeze is ripe and waiting with float now close to 60%

$WISH the amount of shorting going on here is absolutely ridiculous


$WISH why are shorts having their way with this at RSI of 10?


$WISH will add if we can bounce over $14.40 &; hold

$WISH reposting the number of tutes who got in cheap last week :) shorts gonna cover today.


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