$CLOV $WISH Please feel free to sell wish to buy clov or other way around.

$UONE swinging for the next week... I think we might get some pump next week like $WISH $AMC $GME $SPCE style.. it was $24 a few days ago.. low float and i like it...

$AMC $CLOV $WISH $SPCE - We need them to run like Usain Bolt. May be like Forrest Gum to finish the line.

$ASTR 🔥 $WISH starting to curl up. Gonna take profit there to sit overnight whole this thing chills out

Let me say this one more time before my head explodes on any bearish sentiment here hahaha. $WISH so $AMZN who offered to buy us 6 years ago is now trading 250 to 300 times the mkt cap and their offer is nearly 30 to 40 percent higher than our mkt cap offer 6 years ago where we increased revenue from 400 million to expected to be around 3 to 3.5 billion for 2021. Most companies who get offers from the likes of them and $BABA would be trading 8 to 12x mkt cap. Haha we are trading at 2x mkt cap and biggest and fastest growing ecommerce platform in the WORLD!!! Someone doesn

$CEI if its gona head to 52 week high its now LFG 🚀 🚀 $ASTR $WISH $GME

only 58 mil shares outstanding

$WISH this stock will be with $69 once the incorporate the phallic symbol into their logo like $AMZN Girls are addicted to shopping and the peepee

$ASTR is my $WISH to take me to the moon before $WISH 🔮💎💰

$ASTR is offering a quicker trip to space, before $WISH 🔮💎

$ASTR imagine $WISH coming here to buy this up. Lol easily would pop

$WISH $AMZN is lifting the nasdaq, serving a little squeeze around.

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