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$WEN Legit upgrades pouring in based on fundamentals. Further meme-ifcation not even needed, but would be the icing on the cake.

Wtf already! But Fraud St and cronies insinuated that inflation means fuxk all. What the hell #sec !!! ... Ah, the end is near, but you sheeples already knew this ... right? Lol ... not!!! $TSLA $AAPL $f $BB $WEN and more 🐻❤💲💰😈🇨🇦😁 tdtiahth @Profit_Maker

For those that want to be in the know and followmme for profits you'll understand that this is a crock of self serving jawboning bullshit to the sheeple ... ... rest assured severe stock market crashes in queue. There never will be a cure for Coronavirus Rex and the demented economy at large. tdtiahth @Profit_Maker $TSLA $AAPL $f $BB $WEN and more 🐻❤💲💰😈🇨🇦😁

$TSLA $AAPL $f $BB $WEN and more ... Be afraid ... Fed two-day June meeting big deal for markets in the week ahead. FED not expected to take action, officials will providing latest economic forecasts, including inflation, interest rates.
Traders say forecasts be market moving when released Wednesday, if Fed believe inflation be hotter future years or change their forecast for timing of first rate hike. Currently, Fed’s forecast does not show any rate hikes through 2023.
"Markets have to get past Wednesday before anyone makes huge bets," said o

Nothing means fk anymore in the bs stock markets at large. Common sense due diligence fundamentals mean jack. Be the MEME that you can be 24/7 whipsaw long and short. Fk the jawboning on #FraudStreet, #cnbc, #WhiteHouse #g7 #OPEC #media #etal fyi friends at $TSLA $AAPL $WEN $BB $f and more. tdtiahth @Profit_Maker 🐻🐂❤🇨🇦💲💰😈😁

$WEN bring those gains over to $NOVN its about to pop the fuck off $30 soon Novan's Stock Surges As SB206 Can Shorten Duration Of Contagious Skin Disease

$WEN up we go that's why you buy long term calls.
Same with $WISH up up up we go


This is the BULL thesis of AMC, as eloquently as I've ever seen it. The Longs here aren't going away. Whats your tickers bull thesis?

$AMC $GME $WISH $WEN someone get the redditors to focus on sabby. Notorious for their short positions.

$AMC $WEN $ORPH $WISH $CLOV you are helping the enemy fight us and prolonging the margin call quit being so gullible and come make some real money by destroying these people that robbed you blind. AMC is the only way.

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