$VYGVF another blow out month. Onboarded 130,000 more accounts.


@InvestoTheClown truly a clown 🤡

$MVIS is pumping at an over 6bn valuation with net losses throughout its entire history as a failed company. Stocks trade forward 2 years, and right now based on estimates for 2021 $VYGVF is vastly undervalued and PROFITABLE. The fact you and MUSHIE keep trying to push this agenda around VYGVF being a failing company shows you know nothing about the fundamentals of what makes a successful company. Customer service issues will be forgotten, and Voyager will be at $25+ by Friday as people await formal earnings.

Mask off, belt high. Steve about to give her a little bit more than interest 😏

Some advice from the CEO of America's most successful bank. INVEST. Stop worrying about ups and downs. $BBKCF has ALL the ingredients for an amazing Investment...a GEM. Buy. Hold. Enjoy at EOY and beyond.


$VGX.X Got a new T-shirt as a birthday gift. Voyager to the Mooooon. $VYGVF 💰🚀

$VYGVF behind a paywall, but worth reading if you have seeking alpha access... Voyager is extremely undervalued at only 2.6B valuation. Competitors with the same assets under management and revenue have 5-6B valuations. Great time to get in.


$VYGVF $VGX.X It is undesirable to have a 2-hour service blackout mid-day Monday during prime market hours announced with less than 24-hour notice. This is not a routine time to do routine maintenance.

They aren't in Europe. They could do maintenance at 5 am without much interruption to their users.

What's really going on here?

For what... Seeing my wealth drop to $800k by the end of the day?
I'm in $VGX.X &; $VYGVF but wouldn't add tokens right now unless it's going below $3 again. Actually I don't have any 💵 lying around anymore anyway... I could use some $BTC.X but let's not get too excited 😉. Gotta diversify...

$VYGVF $VGX.X id like this company a lot more if they let me withdraw my $luna.X and $EGLD.X and $AVAX.X

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