$SPY $VIX Hmm no contango. Everything from May (VXK21) to Oct (VXV21) is at 29.

😂 After losing 90% of your money by holding $GME for a month, why not just go ahead and lose another 90% holding $UVXY for a month to make it an even 99% loss on the quarter?


@sethmarcus $VIX futes roll, $SPY starts to sell off. Are we like 17 for 19?


Guys feb 19/20 last year was exactly when the covid crash started. I think thats what this weeks sell off is about. Superstitious people taking money out of the market in anticipation of some cyclical crash idk. Look at spy exactly 19/20 and then off a cliff. Today is the 18th

$VIX going much higher , vix could go up to 30-40 as another big stimulus is needed $SPY $QQQ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️💩💩💩 #Bears are about to eat tomorrow and next week

10 day $VIX $SPY corr close to flipping now as well. Placed hedges shortly after the open today.

$SPY when bears say you are just a dumb bear. Always reply with yeah but im really bullish on the $VIX they wont know how to respond because they dont even know what the $VIX means

$SPY $VIX Lets see if the $VIX can set a new all time high.. Wall st dont want another boring week. time for some volatility in this baby

$SPY Today's daily technical analysis included the following tickers: $VIX, SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $AAPL, APXT, BLNK, CLII, CLOV, CMLF, FUBO, FVRR, NNDM, ONTX, PLTR, PLUG, SAVA, STIC, TAN, UONE, WKHS, YSG

$SPY : Not looking good, one day this dip buying wont be there and we go down hard. Looks like $VIX coiling for a big move.

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