$CCIV $CFAC $VGAC $psth $STPK $ CCAC Big boys know something.
'Institutional Shares - 74% - CCAC !!

$THBR alright guys I'm in this is my swing. Looking for it to hit 15 in the next 45 days. In today 4k shares. Before this I swung $VGAC from 10.50 to 15. This is what the market loves right now, it's sexy EV tech and a lot of hype, news will make it run hard, the kids love it lol.

$FMAC - Discord platform = TARGET
$VGAC - 23andME genomics drug pipeline play and DATA
$CCIV - i think you all know already LUCID = TARGET

$ibio $CCIV $CLSK $VGAC $BNGO looks like we just cleansed ourself of a lot of idiots with stop losses that just were asking to lose money or get taken out... I hope everyone bought during that liquidation sale

$SAII if any body want a lot rish high reward he can buy $SAII
Here is a research of big tech investor Richard Chu


Quit selling you silly muppets‼️🐻💥🔥💰😅🚀🤡

$VGAC I can't wait until the day $ARKK $ARKG buys this. TO THE MUTHA FUKIN MOOOOOOON!!!!

$HOL Can’t wait for market open so I can load up on this stock even more!

Hot Space SPAC Going To the Moon? - $HOL https://youtu.be/WZkSBadrq6s


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