$KIMJ.X Lol Kim Jong Moon 😂 they be pretty serious though!! 🚀 DOGE.X $BTC.X $NFTART.X $SAFEMOON.X $VET.X

$BTC.X and $VET.X

Even if some of these pumps aren’t shitcoins, we know where allllllll the smart money is headed once this insane mania has chilled out. Follow big money.

Auction giant Sotheby’s to accept BTC and ETH as payment via Coinbase

Bitcoin and Ether will bring the next step of Sotheby’s crypto adoption after the firm debuted NFTs earlier this year, its CEO said.


Bullish on $ETH.X $VET.X $TRX.X

$VET.X alright my $VET.X , $MATIC.X and $VRA.X Families. You have a little less then $7k to throw into the market. You splitting it up between these three or are you throwing it at 1? All are undervalued IMO…Go!

$VET.X $XRP.X my only regret is not having money available to buy right now...

$VET.X $ADA.X $BTT.X this ain’t the 2017 alt season things are diff because of doggistyle coin.

$VET.X $BTC.X triggering SL’s and burning leveraged longs before the big move up as always every beginning of month.

$ADA.X $VET.X $BTC.X was looking at starting a crypto portfolio. Thanks for the entry prices.

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