Last week only made 3 trades.
Probably will do the same this week maybe less.

Setups that look good this morning:

$MUDS - NFT News
$BCTX - Positive cancer data
$UNAM- watching for volume spike reminds me of $VERYπŸ€‘

Sharing a method I use to find crazy runners before they go parabolic today like $ATNF, $CMMB, and $VERY. πŸ‘€ πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ‘‘;t=5s&;ab_channel=SenzuStockPicks

$SSKN strong support BUY area zone !
sell target 3$+ area
Great potential for this company $SSKN
watch ($VERY $RICE $ORBC )

Thu Apr 8
Most active stocks this morning:

$RICE: +49.7%
$AAPL: +1.0%
$VERY: +78.6%
$HOFV: -0.2%
$ORBC: +51.6%
F: -1.7%
CCL: -2.5%
VIAC: -1.9%
BAC: -1.3%
AMD: +0.8%

click here for a visual version:,AAPL,VERY,HOFV,ORBC,F,CCL,VIAC,BAC,AMD&;name=Apr%208%20most%20active&;utm_medium=stktwt-post

$VERB no reason for red whole sector is green! Growing company with bright future as partnerships go and could hear big NFT news soon from marketing 360 partnerships.

Mid morning stock gainers to watch
Check the float with FloatChecker!

$EARS $RICE $BIOL wonderful $RICE gone others essentially standing by

$VERY also one to watch for a bounce at exactly 12-1pm

As of today, $UPC stock price declined to $4.75 with 75,017 million shares trading. All dips are being bought back up. All we need is some more serious volume &; resumed buying will move UPC in an upwards trajectory. Best action is start a position now and hold. double down, stage your buys, and become over-leveraged. UPC benefits from a low share float: 8.52M. Volume 75,017 - 90-Day Average: 12,286,379 - 2 Week +13.9% - Low 3.75 - High 11.99 - SPY +5.1%. ⏳🧨 $VERY $ORBC $RICE $DOGZ

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