$FSR so they hammer this down sub-9 only to have Morgan come out with a $90 target? What a joke. Keep this in mind as you watch the price action on $LOTZ and $UWMC.

@jkrammer2315 no prob. I realize lot of folks didn’t know that so I wanted to share info. Once they merge, no more floor though. See $CLOV $LOTZ $UWMC

$CCIV $APXT $GNOG $UWMC stocktwits is a far better place now, that i block every bear i see

$CCIV $APXT $GNOG $UWMC it’s fun to keep them around to make fun off. Especially when they’re sitting in a basement with a Fanny pack and a helmet on.

We’re all fools for paying premium for these piece of shits

$UWMC All you have to do is make a decision...

...make a decision you're not going to let them wear you down.

Then, irrespective how many (more) days they keep this down, you win.



If these climb much higher, I might have to put my Ginzu Hari Kiri knives back in the cupboard.

@Bradchris7 I'm getting out the second it has a nice pop. People don't realize the opportunity cost of holding garbage like $CLOV $LOTZ $UWMC By the time you make a small profit in them, let's say 50%, you could have made 1000% elsewhere with that money.

$UWMC Almost in the Green! I'm gonna be rich!?
Well, maybe not. I'm just glad to be able to stop puking my guts out this morning. $LOTZ $CLOV $ARLP

$UWMC Holding long and strong...and my "in the meantime alert" is out via email... well, my in the meantime alert for TODAY. Yesterday's worked out like candy! Rinse and repeat.

Link in bio.


$UWMC This reminds me of how hard it was to hold GME in those early days when shorts had control...and they the tide changed...it always does. HOLDING


$UWMC Why don't the shorts here head on over to Foot Locker for the day and give us a break (after I get my 7.50c of course). They missed on revenue. We didn't!


$GNOG $RMO $UWMC February 24th was a glorious day. When it seemed the market was turning around for solid companies. Then the GME/AMC fiasco happened again. Looks like we will bleed until next week Wednesday. Fuck $GME

@iLiketheStock420 complete manipulation .... what a joke all of them $LOTZ $UWMC &; $CLOV to name a few.....

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