That was a nasty bull trap at the end. You can hedge your long exposure with $VXX or $UVXY shares AH. Better than nothing.

$SPY $UVXY If you're playing Monopoly and one of the players brings an additional stash of money into the game (that he printed), most people would stop playing, citing unfairness/it being a scam. Funny how people reject is in a game, but gladly (unknowingly?) take it up the rear hole in real life. Haha.

$UVXY remember last year (?) when that Bills CB retired during halftime of the game they were losing? That was kinda funny..

$UVXY if you think today was bad wait til you see tomorrow aka Friday aka take out the trash day 🤦‍♀️

$UVXY Seeing why I try to avoid anything volatility related. Way too unpredictable and difficult to time.

$UVXY buying next Friday in anticipation for a market correction!

$UVXY I wonder what glitch thinks about this , most likely a end of the world sky is falling now theorist , putting his life savings on this lotto and for the indexes to go to zero . Trash poster he is , his charts are probably stolen from the internet somewhere

$UVXY new bag holders who bought today click like

$UVXY They really wont let this clown market crash, will they? It crashes the moment they want it to, and never before.

$UVXY Where's the volume to support this "rally"?

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