Top Russell anomaly rebalancing selections completed. Sample stocks $ATOS $TRCH $CTXR $ASAN $GSAT@FTSERussell Reconstitution anomaly begins Monday. Best study result +57.90% in six months and +29.04% in the first three months. All the best! #trading #investing #Russell2000


$EXPR Looks like a good healthy stock, has inst ownership, lots of retail stores nationwide, needs some volume to get it moving. 😀

🌙 After Hours Movers 💫

$GLBS ⬆️ 13.64%
$TRCH ⬆️ 6.70% Original 🚨at $2.22 🔥
$SQBG ⬆️ 5.90%
$SHIP ⬆️ 5.08%
$PIXY ⬆️ 4.44%

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