$CCIV good day here. Stopped out of $IPOE &; $TMBR ,. But still salvaged a good day.

$TMBR just smashed this dip grabbed a ton at 1.10 here. $CCIV adding as much as possible before DA.

Todays picks some are riskier than others, be careful

$TTOO- good news good everything,
$CCIV- great everhthing just pricey and a new company. Talks of a merger coming.
$TMBR- losing gains but gapped up nicely AH
$usws- high rsi(14) at 87 triggering sell other than that it's chart looks unstoppable.
$nakd-no news, shady company IMO, great charts and volume. Very dicey

Many blessings on your investings!!!

$CCIV got 16k shares here but don’t know which I’m more excited about, Lucid or $TMBR FDA news. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°


Stocks Moving Pre-Market, So Far...


Remember to Plan Your Entry/Exit, Verify Momentum First, Secure Profits and Cut Losses Quickly.

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$CCIV $nakd
Gave you this yesterday along with $usws $TMBR $VOXX

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Please see the chart attached if you are going to trade any of the stock. Remember dont chase any stock. Even a $10 profit is a profit. There is always tomorrow and you will see again other stocks to trade, good luck. I add daily after hours and pre market stock both penny and mid range stocks

After Hours Movers
βœ… $TTOO float 1420m, 33% After Hours
βœ… $nakd float 238m, rose by 19.55%
βœ… $usws float 40m, up AH 94.23%
βœ… $CCIV float 218m, rose by 31.61%, largest SPAC
βœ… $TMBR float 6.5m, after hours runner by 23.4%

$TMBR Rare disease fda approved with a market capitalization of 100m. Today's spaceship is this.
$CCIV $usws $VOXX

🌞 Watchlist

βœ… $TTOO float 140m, UP AH 33.75%, company today announced that its T2SARS-CoV-2β„’, closed at 2.14

βœ… $CCIV float 207m, rose by 31.61%, company is one of the largest SPACs currently seeking a target. The SPAC is linked as a finalist in the bidding for DIRECTV, being sold by AT&;T. There is also a buzz regarding electric vehicle with Lucid Motors over a SPAC deal, closed at 14.39

βœ… $TMBR float 6m, after-hours runner by 23.4%, company got FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Sitaxentan, closed today at 1.16

βœ… $ZOM float 539m, massive rise by 92.15%, t

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