The Company’s class 2 common stock (“Tilray Shares”) will continue to trade on the Nasdaq Global Select Exchange under the ticker symbol “TLRY” and will commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TLRY” on May 5, 2021. As previously announced, each Aphria shareholder received 0.8381 of a Tilray Share for each Aphria common share (each an “Aphria Share”) held on April 30, 2021, the effective time of the transaction. Holders of Tilray Shares prior to the completion of the transaction continue to hold their Tilray Shares with no adjustment as

$TLRY what is true is that investors expect good results and expansion of the business, and that will come very soon.

$TLRY Now that some gave up and sold for a loss and lots of pain- Im guessing pop time🚀

$TLRY if one more of you morons asks how the merger works in terms of what you get for your Aphria shares I’m gonna lose my mind. Google it you clowns

$TLRY bears, relax. Desperation isn’t a good look.

*conversion of ALPA stock caused some glitches today. TD Ameritrade said it’s fixed. Stock should correct tomorrow.

@Smeejis $TLRY has an enormous amount of debt and won't be able to afford a US weed company of any significance

$TLRY remember ladies and gentlemen, this is a marathon not a sprint!

$TLRY Anyone have an idea of when my APHA shares will convert to TLRY? They’re in my account chillen but they’re delisted

$TLRY ok, so much for holding for the merge and expecting a boost in price.

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