$DIDI $TLRY Get you some Didi while we wait for a takeoff πŸš€

$TLRY $AAPL $MAPS 'Apple Now Allows Marijuana Businesses On Its App Store, While Google Maintains Ban'

$TLRY consider this 🐎 what else is in the pipe line? BEER is coming out soon, very good news for long term investors $MRIN reached its target now is $XELA in brewing?
Watch out


Lmao...you think this statement was enough to satisfy his progressive 🀑 masters in Washington.

He is def waiting on pins and needles to see if AOC gives him higher blessings.

$TLRY $CURLF $CRON - Curaleaf's Boris Jordan speaks at Cantor Fitzgerald event says Schumer pot bill expected to arrive in July

$CURLF $TLRY $CGC Im heaving long in these 3. Just started a position in Flora Growth. $FLGC mc should be 1Bn - check it out. 6PT recent analyst evaluation

$TLRY can anyone confirm what I think I heard this morning on the radio that an offering is in the mix? Seems everyone is offering up shares, $CRM $CCL

@Moneymoney1942 it is a nice little run for now. Would love to see something better out of $TLRY and still need to find an off ramp for my remaining $GOEV shares. I’m very bullish on $GENI but it has been spinning wheels as of late, too.

$VFF $TLRY $MSOS place your bets and hang on. 45B US market by 2025 (this projection seems to grow every year)

By 2025, 42% of total annual U.S. cannabis demand is projected to be met by legal purchases in regulated marketplaces, up from 24% in 2020, fueled by both a continued rise in legal market spending as well as the conversion of existing illicit market consumer spending to legal regulated sources.
141 million Americans, or 43% of the adult population, reside in 18 adult-use states, representing a diverse and widely distributed consumer base for retailers to segment

$TLRY come on baby don’t do us dirty anymore! To the moon, drop that news with $DAL !!!! Let’s get highhh πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ $SNDL $AMC to the fuckin moon baby!!

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