$TIRX giving some rockets πŸš€ πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ pt 14.50

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4/25/2021 4
4/18/2021 1
4/16/2021 1
4/15/2021 2

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$TIRX Today is the day !! I feel that everyday but today I have a very strong gut!!

Stock sheet,


$MOGO still in a good uptrend as of this morning still very happy that I average down on that dip last week it is really paying off still holding 600 shares here I plan on buying more throughout the week.

$TIRX I am still holding and I am still hopeful here at this point I believe that we need some news even good news would make this jump back to at least the 16 to 17 range, at this point we are stuck in a down trend unfortunately.

$UAVS happy I sold my 800 shares at 6.22 Friday. I used my profits from this to buy more putts also picked up

$TIRX why would I sell at 11.00, the moon or bust!

@BalazsKiraly Only if you keep mentioning $TIRX LOL. Sadly there's so many of us stuck in that one it's nearly a charity stock at this point. That $95 drop was malicious. Luckily I'm not in that far but some ppl are.... Good luck with $IFBD and I'll certainly take a look and and it to my watch list. Hopefully you're not a bot or short. Good luck today on the IPO!!

$IFBD $EEIQ $WAFU $WNW $TIRX hello guys, we need your help here. This is a new IPO $IFBD. They have partnerships like alibaba and dell.
I im writing here because we need your buy volume help. We can push it to new highs together. Very low float and a nice short interest 56%. This is a real chinese company. Do your DD of course! Have a nice day!

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