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$THO Looks what happens EVERY time the MACD makes a bullish crossover, which it's about to do tomorrow or Monday at the latest. It's about to run. It's been too unjustifiably beaten down not to. Almost feels like buying $FSR @ $11.

CPI didn't even phaze the $SPY today. Summer of bullishness continues!

@DennisJ74 nope I wouldn't sell. I think the big money is going to flow into all the RV stocks ($WGO, $THO, $cwh) after they all report their earnings. I also think $THO will go down to $105-$110 for a bit and then it will shoot back up, hitting $150. Give it 2 months.

$THO I hit the jackpot today with this one and $ASO. 😂😂😂😂😂🤑🤑🤑🚀🚀🚀💰💰💰

RECAP 6/7 Unusual Puts:
$AMC Aug 5 P
$VIPS Jun25 20 P
$THO Jun 105 P
$CNC Jun 70 P
$TAL Jun 25 P
$JUN 7.5 P

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Shorts everywhere....Bulls are very strong. Cover or Chapter 11 .. choice is yours!

Mid-Morning Market Update: Markets Mixed; Thor Industries Beats Q3 Estimates $GME $wkhs $THO $NEXT $CLOV

Thor Industries to release earnings before the market opens on Tuesday. Analysts expect 2.31 EPS. $THO #THO

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