$THBR might see below $11 at the rate the $SPY futes looking :/ oh well I guess buy more

$HEC $THBR $NGA what do all 3 of these companies have in common?

They all have great management teams which is the #1 key for business growth IMO. They could potentially receive funding and become backed by the government, NGA electric school buses, HEC mental health for government employees, and THBR semiconductors shortage which Biden is currently addressing at the moment. There is a huge demand for all of these products currently and the growth will continue over the next 5 years. The markets for which these companies operate in have no clear market leaders at the momen

$HEC $THBR $NGA these short term fluctuations mean nothing.. if nothing has changed since you made the initial investment then just hold on and believe in your DD.. you bought them for a reason

$HEC $THBR $NGA I won’t be selling these for at least another year.. I know these companies will be valuable in the future and I will avoid short term capital gains tax. Way too many people are caught up in making money in a matter of a day or two, I believe in these 3 companies in the long term and it will pay off. Set it and forget

$THBR $PACE $HEC I have all these as well, in my top 5👇⏰📈

$THCB $NGA $THBR $APXT - What’s up with all this negative energy. Better red than dead, but still! 🥴

$HEC $THBR $PACE if you bought in between 10-12 you won’t lose money here. I said the same with TRNE GMHI and FEAC. All are above 25 today :)

18-20 by their mergers :)

Is the Biden green energy EV craze over?
Bc this sucks 😂

$THBR I just got back in today at $11.65 after selling in the $13’s. This is not the sexiest EV play causing the price to stay low. That’s fine with me. The ticker will change and this will trickle up for the next couple years. The shortage in semiconductors basically guarantees revenue and Indie knows what they are doing. This will be a $50+ stock in the long term.


$THBR we are red because a lot of ppl panic sold today when they saw 30% EBITDA in 2025.

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