$CLSK $STPK $SGBX $PSFE nothing would make me happier if big tech and large caps bled and small caps and high growth took charge once again. I want big tech to die a slow painful death. Sinister it may be, but I'm sure I'm not the only person with this thought

$CLSK $STPK we can hypothesize all we want about has transpired over the last couple of month but the pain is real based on reading comments on this board. Maybe we share too much about positions emotions which gives algos just what they need to keep shorting these names. I can’t fathom a correction again after what we just went through in 2020 but I could be wrong. We have had a rolling correction in small cap names while big mega tech names are rallying again. Maybe we will have a scenario whereby small caps will begin to show signs of a rally and the indices are left slightly dow

$SKLZ $OPEN $STPK Inflation numbers are out tomorrow that's why growth stocks are getting violated

$OCGN $GIK Oh look! $STPK and STEM are holding a PUBLIC fireside about why it’s so important for shareholders to vote. Maybe other companies looking for votes could follow suit. Just saying

$STPK I guess this means something right ? 🙂 STPK TO da MOON. $TSLA $NUAN $FUBO

$CCIV $NIO $STPK $NNDM $PLTR sadly, you may be right. Ol' Joe doesn't know what day it is.

$CCIV $NNDM $PLTR $NIO $STPK Sell and move to crypto you won't be disappointed. Stock market is absolutely disgusting with Beijing Biden

$STPK $PLTR "Market dips 0.10%" These stocks: ERRBODY ITS ALL CRASHING SELL

$RICE RICE has been killing it, you guys topped our list yesterday and today, you also nailed the top spot on the weekly gainers list at a gawdy 71.29% up...🏆💰💰💰

$FSRV $STPK $FTCV $SRNGU also had pretty nice gains on the daily...

✨🌟👀 Full page can be found on our website...

$SRNGU $STPK decent day so far. Like this 🦅 reaction despite turbulent SPAC market and hasn’t even split yet

$STPK $ALTU $XRP.X I’m not on the trading floor this week.... actually.... I haven’t been on the trading floor for nearly 3 weeks now, but still checking charts here and there until I’m back home. This week we’ve got the kids at $dis .... so I accept the fact that my charting will be taking place after we get them all in bed as I’m surrounded by goggles, chargers and sun tan lotion. But I’m still here, and after a long and sucky March, I’m ready to get back to it 👌

Remember why you started and keep moving.

Closed up with unusually high vol today

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