$MARA $BTC.X $ARBKF $SQ $BBKCF Yeah everybody got hurt one way or another today. If you're diversified,no Way around It. Only reason I haven't lost a ton of money last few days is because my ethereum classic

$BTC.X $MARA $ARBKF $BBKCF $SQ Wow, today was a HORROR SHOW! But things will get better by the end of the week,still we got spanked today. Just wish i had money to buy some of the dips, great opportunity to average down om some stocks.

$SQ so the earning is going to be record breaking and it’s going to go down. Fml

$WPF $PSFE $SQ $PYPL $CCIV I'm glad to have found this one now, these warrants should be looking good in 3-4 months after 1st public earnings report. This share price is not even close to fair, should be at $15 right now. Give this some time, and those $20 PT will become a reality.

$SQ ppl book profits that's what they do...should Cathie be arrested for booking profits like you too??? Works both ways bud

$MAXR $SQ Cathie Wood is the second worst person since the Stone Age after Barack Obama.

$SQ Will Cathie Wood be arrested for this pump and dump scam?

$ARKK she invests in a lot of shit or buys when the price is bad...like $COIN early days and selling $SQ &; $PYPL for no reason...i lost faith in her a long time ago

$SQ Better follow Cathies lead and take profits now while you can.. $PSFE is about to cut your revenue in half.. don’t be late to the party

$SQ Holding fairly well today. Please end green. 🙏

$PINS $TTD $FSLY $ROKU $SQ It sure as hell looks like we are fighting computer algo sell programs, boys. Take cover and hold the line, it may get worse before it gets better.

$SQ earnings coming up. Wouldnt be surprised to see it tank to 220 after that

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