$SQ not a major driver of their revenues but would be nice to make more coins purchasable with CashApp such as $ETH.X

All smart contract platforms and decentralized applications (dApps) are looking to improve upon their centralized counterparts whether it be trading, lending, gaming, collectibles, insurance, gambling, etc. In order to do so, they all need to be able to support millions of users/billions of transactions in an open and permissionless environment while exhibiting cheap fees, low latency, high performance, and quick finality/assurances. Obviously, this is no easy task! However, the bigger the problem solved, the bigger the reward.

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$SQ 240 tomorrow. if you dont like volatility go buy some $GE or $F . if you want to make money then you in the right place.

$TRIT Huge volume but no price movement. This means accumulation by institutions. I've seen this before with $SQ and $FUTU. Once they're done, watch the price jump.

$TRIT holding 3000 shares at $8.40. Easy x2 in a few weeks. Zero worries! This company is legit as fuck! Great business model and good management that is deeply invested with 62% and institutions at 23%! Great days are coming! $SQ $QS $PYPL $ZM do your DD

$TRIT just found out about this company! Super excited to buy at this level! No brainer .. easy x2-3 in a few weeks $SQ $PYPL


-NASDAQ futures green and out performing US 500

-Most tech stocks are sitting close to their strong support level.

- Strong Earnings report coming up $nflx just had an amazing beat and pulled up the FANG stocks during after hours.

- Have been consolidating for many months and ready for a move up.
Tech is setting up to look good in the next couple weeks.

$CRM $CHWY $F $ZS $SQ and many others I call them as strong buys. Salesforce is going to be $300 in the blink of an eye and an earnings report or two. Be smart and buy now along with the billionaires.

$nflx this is a generational stock like many others out there. Buy. Hold. Do not sell. Buy dips. It really is that simple


$ROKU is holding up my account today. $SQ $CRSR $CRSP are all behaving badly today...garbage.

The Smart Way to Get Rich From Bitcoin Without Buying It@themotleyfool #stocks $V $NVDA $PYPL $SQ https://t.co/5F8Jnrkf2C

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