One more- REGENERON - This biotech looks promising.


Been a while since we saw a 5% green day on these $MSFT $GOOG $AAPL $SPY $QQQ now wouldnt that be a way to celebrate July 4th weekend 😉🤣

$SPY if Xi wants to "Beat their heads in" he's not going to hurt his Tech companies hes going to boost them :o)

Wars are fought in a different way now &; the US needs China &; Xi knows it.
If you think differently just look down &; tell me the phone you're using to troll today &; tell me where it came from. Nuff said $AAPL

So odd how people cant read btwn the lines


$DIBS LOAD THE BOAT ON DIBS!!!!! This is $FVRR and $FTCH and $AMZN if they all had a love child $SPY back up the truck and buy buy buy

$DIBS the story goes that $AMZN $FVRR $FTCH had a raging threesome and out came $DIBS 9 months later $SPY

$wmt $AAPL $MSFT $SPY $dis
3rd quarter of analyzing weekly covered call returns on these 5 tickers. Will be doing 1 more quarter to better understand avg annual returns over the long term basis.

$ASTR how are those shorts doing? Lol you didn’t learn by shorting $TSLA $SPY or $SPCE and now you are going to short the next big thing in space technology with Bezos ,Richard Branson and Elon musk backing this Movement oh and a company backed by bill gates? What is wrong with u? Lol cheers we appreciate the negligence and we keep buying🔥🔥✍🏼

$BABA $JD going back to gap fill. 🤷🏻‍♂️ dump $SPY

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