$SPRT welcome new people! 🥳 A lot of great info on support.com for shareholders. Many catalysts coming up starting with Q3 which starts TODAY! So a matter of time. Green Bitcoin mining as merging with Greenidge. Insider buying in June , Added to Russell index end of June. Greenidge will be profitable in ANY market environment 👇🏻 only trying to HELP others make $$$ $srne $MRIN $AMC $GME It’s a low float, lots of shorts on this one support $SPRT

$NIO we really need to get $SSPK trending again. Like and comment on all the feed posts !!! Huge week ahead for WEEDMAPS $SPRT $LEN $APPS


$AEI is the next big squeezer. 4 people own 83.42% of the total fl…

Thanks for the follow.

This weekends watchlist:

1) $SPRT support.com , the domain name alone is worth a couple bills as in billions .

2) $LEN this is lennar. They make some of the largest housing developments in California (there’s a lot of homes there) and are considered a little more prestigious than $KBH their arch rival. They report earnings next week. With all that PPP and Unemployment money pumping into the economy people are buying more homes than ever . Pretty sure earnings will be a beat , anticipate 3-5% boost with another 5% beginning of week for run

$BARK nothing goes up straight. Gap fill, pump and dumpers out. We’re swimming to profits! $SPRT $UONE $IVR

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