Stupid Bulls! i'll bet Virgin Orbit has zero effect on $SPCE stock price tomorrow! you bulls are nuts! It's 2 seperate companies! Virgin Galactic share price will not go up tomorrow mark it!

$SPCE When the Bull Market Takes a Liquid Turd, SPCE and VGAC will be a Juicy Hedge

RT@TornikeLaghidze: Recap :@socialcapital deals so far@chamath

$OPEN $SPCE $CLOV $IPOE@BillSPACman@SpacGuru@SPACtrack@SpacTiger htt…

$SPCE who else is exhausted and relieved and going to sleep like a baby finally after not sleeping since $ARKX was announced, such an incredible ending to an insane weekend of anticipation and heart palpitations on youtube and twitter.

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Trade Volume: 978 Contracts

$1,760,400 was traded now.

Current Stock Price: $26.02

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RT@Options_Ricky24: Cathie Woods ARK Space Exploration ETF $ARKX potentials:


RT@TornikeLaghidze: Recap :@socialcapital deals so far@chamath

$OPEN $SPCE $CLOV $IPOE@BillSPACman@SpacGuru@SPACtrack@SpacTiger htt…

Elon tweet is like God Blessing 😊

This will grant positive sentiment for $SPCE and give more reasons to add $VGAC

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RT@TornikeLaghidze: Recap :@socialcapital deals so far@chamath

$OPEN $SPCE $CLOV $IPOE@BillSPACman@SpacGuru@SPACtrack@SpacTiger htt…

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