@havywave $ATNF bought high then sold low on $SOS and $ATNF ignore this dumb bum

So you shorts know , I ain’t retiring for another 30 years...keep dropping $SOL , $IDEX , $CLSK , $SPI , $SOS , plus any other alternative energy stocks...what I do is average down or up...

$SOS I bought way too much hopefully sold $EBON to by more sos sold $itrm to buy sos sold $CLOV to buy sos

$AMC $KOSS $nakd $SOS $GME looking at all the data we all know that these and other stocks are heavily manipulated. Hypothetical here,, what do you think would happen if everyone quit spreading out in all these stocks and got organized like the HFs and went all in on one at a time. Of course me saying that would be illegal so I'm not, just curious what you all would think would happen. You know if someone smarter than me could do something like that and hide their steps. Again just a Hypothetical question, I'm not saying someone should do someth

$HOFV Market being effected today by other world economies. Nasdaq holding on well but small caps getting slaughtered today. Massive sell offs and shorts had their day. Some stocks are gifts right now at these levels. $SOS $ATOS $GEVO $AMC

$SOS I’m headed to $AMC now, apparently they know how to squeeze the shorts...

$GNUS $SOS $ZOM you know shit fucked up when $DOGE.X been my safest bet the past two months 😅

$SOS if SEC get involved a lot of hedges going to go lobby you’re favorite politicians to bitch slap you guys back

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