$SNPR This is going to fly after the $CCIV hype slows down

$ALUS low 12s defending very strong ... 95 % instution own.. not sure if there is any other spac has this much instution own ..


$CCIV 1-2 years hold for me $SNPR 3-6 months $pdac 3-6 months $THCB 3-6 months I’m aiming for

Top SPAC you can still get in and make money this week. I got in little early and I will hold my shares for little long until I reach my PT and sell my calls only

lucid motor going public via $CCIV PT 150+
HOLDING 200 shares @ 19.30$

Volta charging goin public via $SNPR PT $50 HOLDING 200 shares @ 12.50$

Li-sycle going public via $pdac PT 40$
Holding 200 100 shares @12.60$
100 22.5calls for feb 19 it was kind of gamble when I bought it last Friday I knew the risk and was willing to lose but got lucky Tuesday will be crazy

EV battery maker Microvast to go

$CCIV hi
My average 20$ now 100%+ in cciv
Wich better still holding all positions or sell small position to put it in $SNPR , $THCB

$SNPR /@VoltaCharging
$CCIV /@LucidMotors

Weird, look at what I found on this Volta charging station!?!?

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My portfolio completed its 7 hour v shaped recovery thanks to AH CCIV. Make my robinhood account great again! 🙌

Imagine a world where you charge your Lucid Air at a Volta charging station. 🤩 $CCIV $SNPR

$CCIV while we are holding and waiting, this SPAC was just announced today, it's an EV Charging company. Obviously not selling our CCIV to grab it. But worth a look. $SNPR


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