BlackBerry has a lot of catching up to do..... severely undervalued....


$BB BlackBerry has a lot of catching up to do..... severely undervalued....


RT@rimisback: BlackBerry has a lot of catching up to do..... severely undervalued....
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⚠⚠ Focus in on Blackberry and the ATARC list ⚠⚠

$BB epic run since the press release they'll be joining forces with $AMZN to improve operations of cloud connected vehicles. I want to reiterate the importance of the ATARC’s The Role of Emerging Technology in the Federal Emergency Response Summit that took place on June 11th, 2020. Only 46 companies participated, (not all publicly traded) and almost all have been crushing it with major news, contracts or acquisitions since. In the link below you'll find names who participated like $DOCU $SNOW and {$id:1236

$BB For how long can WallStreet continue this lie? Wakeup and Value BlackBerry for what it is today, a Billion Dollar Software Company….



$CLHI Two acquisitions in the hopper. One already executed for the largest B2B database (think $ZI, ~$15bn market cap) and the other for CreditSafe, which could add $40mm in annual revenue and double in 12-18 months. Will also unveil a new data platform in the next few months that will incorporate several hot technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain and 5G. This will put the company in the same conversation as $SNOW at a small fraction of the valuation.

Experts in GDPR too, which is a European standard for data privacy and protection. You don't hear much about that in the press in the USA (I wonder why given the companies that control it here), but it will become much more important with the next administration (if Liz Warren has anything to say about it). This company has enormous strategic value to the other players ($ZI, $DDOG and $SNOW) and could be an immediate takeover target once public.

$CLHI Large holder of this. Relative valuation, which is what matters in this market, is dirt cheap pro forma for the change of control. Comps are trading at valuations ranging from $15bn ($ZI) to $90bn ($SNOW). Counter argument from the same poster that you see on other forums is just based on valuation (silly given the relative comparison) and lack of filings. Filings will start showing up soon (they didn't have official control until Dec 4th, 2020, so give the company a break). First shareholders update scheduled to hit by Wednesday (Jan 20th).

$CLHI “We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.” – Tim O’Reilly, founder, O’Reilly Media

The Data Source ($CLHI) poised to be the next $SNOW, $ZI, $DDOG, substantially undervalued mkt cap at $40M compared to the the others in multi billion dollar ranges. Data companies have exploded over the past year simply based on future valuations. TDS will be no different. Many have IPO’d this past year to multiple valuations . The Data Source is going public under $CLHI, intends to enter Nasdaq and compete against big data comp

$PING so this gained approx. 50% in about over a month, has reasonable fundamentals and is still getting upgraded. In an industry where growth is pretty much guaranteed.
So why are ppl posting rocket ships in meme stocks like $PLTR and $SNOW, but not here? 🤔🤓😎

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