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$CLF Should of known with all this ape BS. They did the same thing with $SLV. Stick with the Hollywood crowd over at $AMC

$SLV Closed out my 7/16 C's and picked up some Dec '21. IV only 22% Cheers !

$SLV...If you were wondering which direction we were heading you just got the clearest picture you can get. Games were played premarket to get the price down but when the market opened and the big money came in.....We went up FAST on big buying. Clear signal they are buying the dips.

$SLV Powell is not raising rates any time soon. The global elites will not let him

$SLV They can try to hold you back but I’m not leaving! The true price will reveal itself when manipulation of the price becomes more and more difficult just have to keep holding until then

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