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$SHOP let’s just be obnoxious and see $1375 before consolidation tomorrow ? 😃😅

$SHOP new all time high coming? Sector rotating back into tech stocks!

@Outslickd@ayeedayy@Cakes823 i think i already did, but will confirm. Loaded up today on some Jan 2022 $1500 $SHOP calls; easy double in next few weeks as that thing runs back to $1500. Same with $NVDA as that is heading to $850 in July (have Jan 2022 $800 calls; already made a mint on the Jan $700 calls after the pullback of Nasdaq). $SCR, $SHOP, and $NVDA my top plays, but best for this week is clearly $SCR -- we are heading to $30+ this week my friend on Senate approval of Bill C-218 tomorrow in the session beginning at 2pm !!! Gonna be epic to wat

$SHOP it’s time, been in this trading range for too long!

Mon Jun 14th
Today's BEST performing sector:

Technology +1.0%

biggest 20 Technology stocks by mkt cap:
1) $SHOP: +4.8%
2) $ADBE: +2.9%
3) $CRM: +2.6%
4) $AAPL: +2.5%
5) $NOW: +2.3%

see all 20 here:,ADBE,CRM,AAPL,NOW,TSM,QCOM,ASML,SAP,AVGO,NVDA,TXN,MSFT,INTC,FIS,ACN,SNE,ORCL,IBM,CSCO&;name=Technology&;utm_medium=bot-post

$SHOP think cathie is buying today? Buy high sell low?

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