CTRM RS are for the other guys

$nakd over $1 tomorrow. Strong reversal today along-with increased msg volume 🚀🚀

$SHIP is in prime buying position. Tons of great news here on-top-of the shipping industry blowing up right now.🚀🚀

$DOGE.X is now holding over $0.06. Great news all-around doge. 🚀🚀

$SHIP I think everyone left the stock market and they are playing with all the crypto's!? Oh well, holding $SHIP long term but finding it more fun watching $DOGE.X move fractions of a cent!!

Friday 3/26 Watchlist pt. 3 ✅📜
$IMTE - NFT name with a 8% 13g filing out today. Would like to see this have more of a run if they get hot again.
$BA - Huge move today as they expect deliveries of the 737 to begin again as quick as tomorrow! On watch for continuation.
$PLTR - Another great long term hold down here in the low 20s. I firmly believe you won't see much cheaper than this.
$MARA - Solid bounce off the morning lows. Would like to see BTC make a recovery soon.
$SHIP - Keeping an eye on shippers due to what is going on at the Suez Canal. Over a b

$CTRM Do I think that Castor is going up in mid term (a few months)? Definitely, because of seasonality, new ships. But most of that is already priced in and so it will increase much less than comparable dry bulk shippers like $SHIP $EDRY $SBLK...

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