$GM $SAVE $DAL Love the airline stocks, rebound coming but buying GM too- a different kind of rebound coming! Electric car shake up as GM partners with Microsoft $MSFT !

RT@stonks_memedar: Tickers trending in@Stocktwits as of: 2021-01-15 at 20:01:06 EST

$AAL and all airlines go 10% tomorrow.

$DAL $SAVE $GOL all has good tomorrow

$TLRY SNDL $1+ tomorrow and soon 10+. but in very near term after BIDEN government and decriminalize the rules. it goes $10+ just load at current price. Keep for a while.
$ACB $HEXO $SAVE $DAL all look at SNDL

$TWTR it was always a terrible app. Throw in some anti First Amendment and it’s reaalllllly terrible.

Burn this down. Take it to $0



Covered Call Alert: SPIRIT AIRLINES $SAVE returning up to 22.07% through 18-Jun-2021 https://wp.me/p5bLGB-bV2R

Covered Call Alert: SPIRIT AIRLINES $SAVE returning up to 21.89% through 18-Jun-2021 https://wp.me/p5bLGB-bV15

$BBBY These guys will benefit tremendously from stores being fully open, their omnichannel upgrades are in the very early innings of being upgraded. The other beneficiaries are the cruise lines, hotels and airplanes. I would shade more to cruise lines, the business traveller may be missing for a while. $SAVE $GOL $CCL

$CHWY 97 was a great close. Let’s test that 99-100 tomorrow πŸ’°

$POWW Testing highs. Loving this play. Looking for $5+ near term.


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$bidu $SAVE… https://t.co/24bm0cqR0K

$PECK iSun is massive addition to the existing divisions!. Multibagger of the year πŸ˜ŽπŸŒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ $SPY $SAVE

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