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$UAL Are we going to hit 2M travelers with TSA numbers in one of the next two weekends? I think we may. $AAL $LUV $SAVE $DAL

$ET $PAA I'm thinking when the world reopen $CCL $SAVE will go up but fuel is required. These stocks will see bjg gains slowly to the future.

$SAVE $AAL Cancel Culture alert!! farmers are now being super taxed because cows fart and are being put out of business. Pork is 3 times more expensive, beef is next. Now, today I proudly announce the democrats next plan! CANCEL BEER!! They say fermenting beer is polluting. Fat Tire is the first to fall. Here's the quote. Nice job people, supporting fraud. Brewers took the basics of beer—grain, water, yeast—and put them through the gauntlet of climate change. The beer was launched on Earth Day to raise awareness that many companies lack concrete climate goals, let alone roa

SweepCast observed: $SAVE with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $35 CALL Expiring: 06-18-2021 worth 312K🐂 |🎯 See Website &; Learn More;name=CALL&;strike=$35&;type=TRADE&;pre=$312K&;exp=06-18-2021 🎯 |

$SAVE $UAL $RCL $COPX $urnm few names that are ready for the next leg up.
Don’t fight the trend.
Current trend is to go away from the growth names which performed extremely well in 2020 and YTD.

Will revisit this post and we will see how it turns out.

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