$OBLN $RSLS Two garbage companies combining to make a bigger garbage. 🤦‍♂️🤢🤮

$OBLN - omg A DAILY DOUBLE NOW $RSLS has gone from $5.00 to $11.50

$OBLN the compay they merge with is $RSLS (OTC) low float
shoud rocket as well

$OBLN shouldn't people be trading $RSLS which is where this is ending up?

$RSLS merging with $OBLN to expand weight loss product. Could be a safe bet here with how much weight people have gained through the pandemic 🤔

$ZOM (Truforma - March launch) 61k shares will add more if given the opportunity

$APXT (AvePoint - Q1 merger) 100 shares waiting to add

$BFT (PaySafe - Q1 merger?) 100 shares waiting to add

$VGAC (??) out at open, waiting for more concrete news regarding orbit to re-enter.

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