$CLVS Almost 30 million shares short! 🔥🔥🔥
Shorts won't be able to cover fast enough when we run! Could see $20+ like $CLOV did. Similar setup before it went parabolic! Better cover! $LEDS $RMED $MRIN

$MOSY ones Biden sighs this bill it will gap up hard 💣🚀 Float is only 8m, hot sector, 41 % short volume😎 $KOSS $RMED $LEDS $AMD

$SOFI Hell yes, SoFi!

This and $RMED are my favorite positions and it doesn't matter if we don't have hundreds of thousands of followers. They will come.

Holding in SoCal!

$KBSF holding steady, the DD here is strong Equity/OS gives you $20.10/share as fair value, and on a low 1.5m float with some fuel in the form of 16% short, no point selling yourself short of what this is worth. $itrm $RMED $ORPH $wpg

$KBSF once this gets over key resistance around $5, I don’t see much stopping it. A low float with high short, trend continues across the board, except this company is extremely undervalued, with volume the 1.5m float (half of $RMED) will fly back to book value at $20/share. $AEI $TLRY $ORPH

$KBSF this is the best play on the market ATM, the stats simply don’t lie.

$20 book value, $4/share is cash value alone and 14% short on a 1.5m float.

Also a reopening China play. Easy swing like $RMED while no one is interested. $RCON $carv $ORPH

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