$CLOV this along with $RKT and $ AMC are highly manipulated....hold and eventually you will be rewarded

$RKT ripe for another squeeze $GME $AMC we did it once we can do it again

Take a look at the market people. This has been the same all year long. We knew this was coming with the stolen election. I really don't believe anyone is surprised. There are however, some people stupid enough to think it's only "their stock." Silly kids!
$ZOM $AAPL $wkhs $RKT

$RKT we make billions in profits each quarter and cant maintain a 5$ stock price jump. $BABA gets fined 2.8b and makes a 15$ jump that will likely continue into a multi day run that holds.

I hate the stock market.

Its all smoke and mirrors

$BABA Honestly, Alibaba is not going to be going up very much until at least a month or two. China-US relations are hampering this relationship.

The real money-maker is at $ATNF where a $TLRY $GME $RKT Short Squeeze and Gamma Squeeze is about to occur of epic proportions hitting $40+. It has been surging for 7 days straight, and shorts are burning in a hellfire.

$RKT This stock is like buying $AMD three years ago....every one was bearish without any reason. I will keep adding.

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