A lot of people on these boards I consider to be friends and acquaintances... yet I have no idea who the f*** any of them really are. Welcome to the Digital Age.

$TSLA, $GME, $RIOT, $MARA all pumped harder than Bitcoin this year. I could've traded them and use the money to sta… https://t.co/rlOodOxzLH

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Thursday's Top Five Market Hour Decliners to be watch closely for a bounce up tomorrow - Brought to you by Team Arcadia:

1. $TMDI -16.49%
2. $PASG -16.44%
3. $APM -14.18%
4. $CLBS -13.49%
5. $RIOT -13.15%

P.S. These can bounce back and go up anytime, I'm just reporting the top 5 to watch decliners of the day to be watched.

Team Arcadia is currently up 317.2% in closed positions in the last 30 trading days. Up 203.3% on the most recent closed position, BXRX, ATOS and CRBP (screenshot below).


RT@VolumePrintcess: Today's Dark Pool Whisper trade results. Biggest gainers $FCEL $MARA $GME $SPCE $RIOT Come join me tomorrow. Watch as…


This is the period where the wealth transfer partially reverses and the institutions and whales gather up the coins of the little people who are over-extended and can't keep the money in crypto into Feb because bills are coming at the end of the month.

I've come to realize that powerful people don't care what trinket we use to measure wealth. They just need to control it so that they can ensure their stakeholders get richer off of the people who actually work and will continue to be productive, chasing the next tr

$RIOT simply put, riot not only has to hope bitcoin stays up in price and keeps going higher, it also has to compete with other miners to be the best miner as well. Gl with that

$MARA added some MARA on the dip. Also added some $RIOT and started a position with a buttload of $TRIT. you need to check out TRIT! Huge short interest currently, way oversold, and they just approved a 50mil buyback.
It doesn’t get much better than this. Just look what happened last time they ran it down this low. The buyers are starting to show up big time.

$RIOT wasn’t hard to predict this one. Still holding puts for March 19th break even 15.80, she’s gonna go much lower, and fast.

$ARBKF -8.4%.

Not too shabby compared to competitors:

$MARA -13.7%
$RIOT -11.5%
$BFARF -14.7%
$HUT -11.1%.

$MARA $BTC.X $RIOT I remember when RIOT was like 40 or higher back in 2017 the pumpers said it will be 500 and BTC to 100k. Guess what 3 years later BTC to 4k and RIOT to 50 cents in March 2020. I'm sure it's different this time with Memes and TikTok dances. No bubble in tech at all.

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