Riot at $50 on May 7th

[experimental technical analysis combining fundamentals of mechanical engineering and finance data- not financial advice- DD]

$BTC.X Boxed in, will add if we get to the lower channel.
$MARA $RIOT on huge discounts.

$BTC.X $MARA $RIOT $HSSFH $BFCH $DMGGF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwXw385WLcw
This is just Bybit whales taking advantage of a bad day by leveraging BTC and liquidating retail. Good day to take advantage and buy!

$BTC.X $ETH.X $MARA $GBTC $BRARF $RIOT Relaxxxx. This is 100% not the market cycle top. Just hold, accumulate and grow rich.

This website is mostly for people who manipulate people and incredibly dumb people who fall for it.

And some pumpers.

Why am I here?


$RIOT Just a thought. Right now we are seeing Crypto ALT Season a all time high. With more and more corporations buying Millions/Billion USD in $BTC.X Sooner or later, ALT season will end and money rushes back into $BTC.X for one big rip ATH. Then in December/Jan, cycle is over and Crypto will correct for a full year.

$RIOT BUY THE FEAR bitches scoop it all up bank to be made here $ONE.X $XRP.X $ETC.c $BTC.X

$BTC.X i would say i really hit the nail again. Lemme reshare what i already reshared. We are back where we started and the non ending devils cycle goes on.. loaded the boat at the dip for the next leg up.



$BTC.X yall wanna buy the biggest miner in NORTH AMERICA BEOFRE IT GETS UPLISTED BOYS! Any days this week!! $BFARF is uptrending and will be on the level of $MARA and $RIOT


If eBay announces they start taking BTC for payments it will Blast to the Moon


BTC is going to Blow just like ETH. Money will rotate back to BTC. Watch and see

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