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$RIDE $GM $wkhs $cwh

If you Hate any of the following:

1.Jim Cramer
3.Short Sellers
5.Wolfe Research

Please go share your knowledge of RIDE and upvote!;utm_medium=ios_app&;utm_name=iossmf

$RIDE $GM $cwh $wkhs
Join this sub on Reddit! There’s a lot of good DD and remember there’s strength in numbers!

$RIDE Marcus Lemonis could potentially buy them out and continue his plan to buy E-RVs $cwh

Gap down and lower

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$AZRE this under the radar solar stock due for a run while all other sector is getting hot, keep this one in your watchlist $AMC $CLOV $WISH $RIDE

$RIDE $AMC $GME $nakd

Theme of the day: “I should’ve bought more”

$IKNX Not even top 5 on my screen. COME ON!! Lets break 12! Coming for you $GME $XL $wkhs $RIDE

$RIDE !!!!! Hold!! MATH IS FUN: If $RIDE had market cap of RIVIAN, LUCID, NIO....then $RIDE would be around $200/share!!!! THINK ABOUT IT! First to market and huge factory and squeezing too!! Join us and go long into $RIDE if in $AMC $GME $BB!!! Easy money imo and helping American EV Manufacturing in OHIO!! LFG!!

$RIDE Now SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZEE! Get in now imo for the run to $30 and beyond!! PRODUCTION THIS YEAR!!! LFG!!! $GME $AMC $BB

$RIDE ATTACK!!! Rallying the troops to help an American EV Company that is getting attacked by the establishment to hold them back while Ford catches up. Legit undervalued investment imo AND short squeeze massive candidate! Fintel has a short squeeze rating of 93%!! Fellow squeezers in $GME $AMC $BB, join us with some LONG shares to help the cause. Lordstown inviting investors, media, analysts, etc behind the curtain to show they WILL BE PRODUCING FULL SIZE EV PICKUPS THIS YEAR IN 3RD LARGEST FACTORY IN THE UNITED STATES! p.s. Also will be showing for the

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